Written by Liam Moran

Are you aged between 18 and 24? Do you feel traditional news doesn’t represent or cater to your needs? Then this is your chance to voice your opinion in our youth news survey

Back in February, we at TFMP came up with the question of why young people don’t watch the news and decided we wanted to study it. In our initial discussions, we found that none of us really watched the news anymore, and we wanted to dig into the reasons why.

This survey is the result of that digging. 

We have created four hypotheses to explain why young people don’t watch the news, which are:

• Young people get their news from social media.

• Young people have a different routine and spend less time watching TV with family.

• Young people do not trust traditional media anymore .

• News is not catered to young people.

What we want to do is find out how true or false these statements are, and you can help us do that by answering the survey. It only takes five minutes. 

The aim of this survey is to find out why our generation doesn’t watch the news and report these findings to big media companies, so next time they wonder why young people aren’t engaging with them, we’ll have the answers for them.

We also want to start our own news. We want to cut through the noise and bring young people the information they need about the issues that affect them and interest them.

We all remember watching Newsround as a kid, but as soon as you get past a certain age, it’s straight to the news at 10 with very little thought about what young people want. 

We want to change that.

We also want to be someone you can trust. In this social media age, anyone can be a journalist. It’s hard to know what is real and what is fake. We want to make it so that if you hear something from us, you know you can trust it.  

We also want to bring it to you in a digestible way. Nobody in our generation wants to watch an old man in a suit sit in front of a desk and try and tell you why you can’t afford a house. Nobody wants to wait till 10pm to hear what’s happening. We want to bring you news when you want it in a way that makes it engaging and exciting.

The only way we can do this is if you help us. By answering the survey, you will be voicing your opinion, an opinion that is often ignored. You will also be helping us shape the news of the future for young people. Five minutes of your day could change how news is presented to young people.

Click here to give it a go. 

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