Name: Michael Omatsola-Morgan
Age: 22
Occupation: Research Assistant at The Future Melting Pot
Hobbies and Interest: Environment, Music, and Basketball
University: MEng Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, 1st Class with Honours

My Journey:
I finished my degree in July 2021, and I was keen to further my studies through a PhD. However, due to a lack of funding, I was unable to secure a project anytime soon. I decided I wanted to gain some work experience in an area that I felt would make a difference within Birmingham. I applied to Universal Credit to gain financial support while searching for a job, and on the first meeting, my work coach informed me of the Kickstart Scheme. It wasn’t too long after I had gone to a Kickstart Jobs Fair, where I met with Estella Edwards, and I left feeling curious about the work that The Future Melting Pot has achieved and their future goals. A few phone calls and interviews later, I was offered a job as a Research Assistant.

How Kickstart has helped me:
The Kickstart Scheme has helped me greatly as I have come to experience what it is like working in an office setting (even though the role is working from home). As a team, we have had to adapt our operation to ensure that we effectively communicate, collaborate, and embrace the use of new software to enable us further. This opportunity has provided me with invaluable skills that I will certainly be utilising in my professional career moving forward.

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