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If so, we have a variety of opportunities for you to benefit from. At TFMP we offer employment skills training, industry expertise, and practical experience that will allow every young person to thrive in the working world. Since rebranding online, we’ve seen nearly 100 young people take that first step towards their future career and the difference this has made to their confidence has been incredible.

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We are constantly seeking partnerships with organisations, businesses and agencies who are committed to providing opportunities for young people. We have a proven track record of creating bespoke, mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of businesses across multiple sectors.

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Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)

Our relationship with the Department for Work and Pensions was instigated through our alignment with the Kickstart Scheme, allowing us to employ over 50 Kickstart recruits and give them the opportunity to make their dream career possible. This partnership is continually evolving, as we are in regular conversations with key members of the DWP in order to find new ways to help young people.

Over the past few years, our partnership with the DWP has allowed The Future Melting Pot to participate in job fairs across Birmingham and beyond, allowing us to expand our reach and give more 16-24 year old’s access to our programme. Our work towards inclusiveness has resulted that we are now certified as “Disability Confident” and are a preferred supplier to the DWP with regards to Kickstart placements.

Several key members of the DWP were in attendance at our virtual awards ceremony last December, and each was impressed to see the work and development of our young people first hand. 




EnterKey is a Birmingham-based training provider with a plethora of key skills courses and qualifications for young people to access, each intended to increase the employability of those in the area. Our partnership with EnterKey has not only allowed us to achieve our aim of helping young people gain employability skills and training, but has enabled us to provide them with official level 2 qualifications.

Through this partnership, TFMP has been able to offer flexible and customised training to suit our young people’s personal needs. EnterKey currently provides TFMP with training on several key foundational learning courses, offering us 1-1 learning support from professional tutors as well as group learning, all to suit the needs of our young people.

Thanks to our partnership with EnterKey, all of our new recruits have access to training that will better prepare them for their placement with us, as well as the working world. 

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust (SCCT)

The Future Melting Pot’s partnership with the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust has enabled us to help and support young people specifically in the Sutton Coldfield area. We were generously granted funding by the charity to facilitate our “EmployAbility Project”, allowing us to focus on giving young Sutton Coldfield residents employability training and invaluable industry experience in their desired field.

As part of this project, we have been able to conduct important research into the need for our programme, collating data that has helped us to ascertain why young people are unemployed and struggling to access opportunities.

Our partnership with SCCT has set the foundation for our work with young people and employers in the local community, and our hope is that we can expand this on a national scale.

West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)

The West Midlands Combined Authority has been valued supporters of The Future Melting Pot since our conception. We have worked regularly alongside key members of the organisation, such as Andy Street, Mayor of Birmingham, who recorded a message for our leavers at our 2021 Awards Ceremony. As another of our partnerships that is constantly evolving, we are currently in conversation with members of the WMCA about future collaboration. Discussions are centred on linking us with training providers, accessing grants, and social media marketing opportunities, all of which will help us achieve our aim of helping young people on the way to their dream career. The WMCA has been instrumental in helping us to reach young people across the Birmingham area, and our continued partnership ensures that even more young people can access the invaluable opportunities that TFMP provides.

The Future Melting Pot has been working with Education & Assessment since November 2021. Yasir Idris and the rest of his team have been helping TFMP with our Cyber Security project, drafting policies and other materials for Cyber Essentials documentation so that we meet the standard for DWP Procurement. Expert advice and guidance from E&A has allowed our research department to gain a key insight into this process, and has allowed them to gain invaluable experience in communicating with industry professionals. Our partnership with E&A has allowed us to develop our Cyber Essentials documentation and tailor our policies to our organisation, specifically relating to how we work digitally and online.Y

Research and Consultancy
TFMP provides research and consultancy services to agencies and organisations working with young people. This includes bespoke programmes and projects around employability and engagement with disadvantaged and/or long term employed young people.

Experts are essential to any project, particularly when first identifying challenges and outlining solutions. Our research and consultancy services provide you with the expertise, networks, and experience necessary to get the most out of your project – by knowing how to get the information and evidence that you need.

Our wide range of expertise means we can offer practical and sophisticated consultancy on a range of issues related to community engagement, social improvement, and tackling deprivation or disengagement.

We have carried out countless engagement projects and our team contains individuals who have been published widely on various social issues, both inside of and outside of academia. If you require clear evidence of a social problem, informed consultancy on relevant policy solutions, or other kinds of reporting and research support, we can offer full and comprehensive services.

Blended Solution Model
Our business model operates on our blended solutions framework that focuses on mutually beneficial partnerships, collaboration and innovation. We embed creativity, fun and high-quality training with industry experts to achieve our objectives.

Industry experts and guest speakers help broaden their aspirations regarding their future career paths. We are flexible in our approach, enabling us to quickly adapt and be proactive to challenges presented within the current environment.

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