EmployAbility Programme

EmployAbility Programme

The EmployAbility programme was first launched in 2015 with a focus on helping local unemployed young people overcome the various barriers that they faced when attempting to enter the workforce. Over the course of the project, TFMP connected 200 young people in the Birmingham area with around 50 employers throughout the city, ultimately providing 114 new jobs to the local community.

TFMP successfully relaunched the EmployAbility programme in 2021, this time as a fully digitalised solution to the increasing national problem of youth unemployment. Between August and October 2021, around 459,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed. As a result, TFMP’s main objective is to continue fighting the six key barriers to employment. These include: lack of preparation for the working environment; difficulty with the application process; disengagement with the job centre, and lack of self esteem.

Initially, we decided to target Sutton Coldfield as a key area and demographic for the project, however in recent months our methods of engagement have been used to reach young people nationwide. In addition to developing our online presence, TFMP utilised the kickstart scheme to recruit over 70 young people into roles they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience. TFMP were able to provide these young people with practical industry experience, expert guidance, professional support, and vocational training in a multitude of areas.

Simon Davies, Kickstart Employer Advisor Lead at Sutton Coldfield Job Centre, has applauded the achievements of the programme, summarising the project as the “empowerment of young people”. In addition to giving them confidence and empowerment in their abilities, the EmployAbility programme has had a significant positive impact on the mental health of our young people. A survey conducted at the end of 2021 showed that almost 50% of TFMP staff saw a positive impact on their mental health after working with the company. Participants of the EmployAbility programme have gone on to numerous successes in work and education, often in the form of apprenticeships, university, or entrepreneurship.

Despite working on improving my skills in my spare time I just couldn’t get anywhere with the career I wanted to get into. I wasn’t in employment for six years, but TFMP’s EmployAbility Programme gave me the opportunity to showcase what I can do. This chance drastically improved my confidence and set me on the path towards a better career.

Matthew Hubbard, Employability Recruit at TFMP

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