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TFMP has dedicated over a decade’s work to improving the lives of young people throughout Birmingham. We inform and inspire disenfranchised and marginalised young people who have been most affected by the pandemic across the West Midlands and beyond.

Our ground-breaking EmployAbility project was first launched in 2015, connecting TFMP with around 200 young people and 50 employers throughout the Birmingham area. Since then, the company has been able to provide over 114 jobs to the local community, and has extended its reach to help young people on a national scale.

In 2021, TFMP decided to relaunch the EmployAbility project online as a response to the record levels of young people who were unemployed and on Universal Credit. Over the past year we have provided exceptional online learning as well as connections with industry experts, meaning that all of our young people have been able to take effective steps towards entering or re-entering the workforce. Through learning and innovation, TFMP has repurposed our 10+ years experience to create a hybrid approach, utilising both in-person and online methods to reach even more young people across the country.

We currently offer all 16-24 year olds the opportunity to join any of three personal development programmes, all of which include accredited qualifications, expert training, and real industry experience. Each of these programmes are tailored to the individual, and strive to give them access to opportunities relevant to their chosen industry and careers. In addition to this, we also offer volunteering and work placement opportunities, allowing young people to work on their employability alongside education and employment. As an organisation we are entirely youth-led, and each of our programmes prioritises the voices and experiences of young people, building their confidence to achieve their goals whatever they may be.

Our ultimate aim, in addition to giving young people the tools to become employer-ready, is to make make employers young-people-ready. Our evolving platform has allowed us to partner with employers and important organisations nationwide, enabling us to help bridge the gap between young people and the working world.

Thanks to the work of our CEO Estella Edwards, the commitment of our young people, and the invaluable support of our partners, TFMP has been able to develop a programme that truly makes a difference tp the lives of young people and helps them to navigate their pathways towards successful careers.

“Thank you to The Future Melting Pot for what you are doing… you are being really practical, giving people life skills, and [there are] wonderful stats around how you’re helping people deal with their mental health… just seeing how an organisation like yours has really pivoted on the back of the pandemic to do almost everything virtually… helping young people to really achieve… congratulations!”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands


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